The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan means “Planning focused on people”. It composes the idea of a complete approach and it enforces the balanced development of all transport means while in the same time turns to alternative ways of transportation. It is a strategic plan based on existing planning methods, taking into account principles of involvement, participation and evaluation so that it can cover the mobility needs of people today and in the future, focusing on a better quality of life in cities and suburbs.

In what kind of city we want to live?

The development of a common vision is one of the cornerstones of Limassol’s SUMP. The vision provides a quality description of the desired future urban environment, and this is the one that will set the base for the definition of the targets and the measures that will come up. This long-term vision about the development of transportation and mobility for the whole urban area, which will include all the means and types of transportation, will become the guide of Limassol’s SUMP, once it will be widely acceptable from the citizens and stakeholders.

Who decides for my future?

The participation of different types of stakeholders (public authorities, private companies, social and civil organizations or all these together) through the whole process of planning of Limassol’s  sustainable urban mobility and the confrontation of their particular demands is important. That will help to the legalization of the plan and the improvement of its quality. At the same time while the citizens are a specific sub-team, the participation through the procedure of planning will constitute fundamental priority of local authorities, in order to assure the legalization and the quality of the decision-making process.

What am I expecting to change?

The definition of Limassol’s SUMP targets and priorities will be achieved through the detection of social, environmental and economic improvements that are demanded, focusing on needs that has to be reduced , increased  or remain stable. In reality the targets are the ultimate aim and the most specific type of commitment to a SUMP, related to the most desirable degree of change within a specific timeline, providing at the same time transparency and clarity of planning related to the changes of city transportation and mobility.

Can the city change without changing my habits?

The SUMP is an idea of complete approach and enforces the balanced growth of all the transportation means while turning at the same time to alternative ways of transportation. In a time where the economic funds are limited, it is very important that the solutions that will be suggested,  will use the available resources at the best way. Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning in Limassol will change priorities from major road projects to a balanced mixture of measures including low-cost mobility management measures.

When it will change?

The growth of Limassol’s SUMP focuses to the achievement of ambitions, measurable targets arising from short-term goals, aligned with a vision of mobility and embodied to the general strategy of sustainable development. It includes a plan for the short-term strategies applications, which will include specific time-line of implementation, budget plan, as well as a clear distribution of responsibilities, and funds that will be demanded for the implementation of the policies and measures that will be included in the plan.

Is it sure it will change?

Monitoring and evaluation of the planning process and implementation of the measures are crucial  for the effectiveness of the plan. As a result, the establishment of an observation and evaluation mechanism will help to the allocation and prevention of problems, that can occur during the preparation and implementation of Limassol’s SUMP, and if necessary, to rearrange the measures for the achievement of goals within the available budget. At the same time, while there will be proof of the effectiveness of the plan and the measures, the public dialog will get feedback.

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